Weather Station Ortisei in Val Gardena 1260m

Actual weather condition, today's min and max. Last update: 2020-06-08 21:08:30

  Actual Min Max
Temperature: 8.7°C 7.6°C - 01:00:00 Max: 26°C - 01:00:00
Pressure: 874.3 hPa hPa hPa
Humidity: 99% 16% 99%
Wind direction N (0°)    
Average Wind: 0 km/h 0 km/h 48 km/h
Wind gust: 0 km/h 0 km/h 94 km/h
Wind chill: 8.7°C Apparent temp 8.4°C
Rain: 77.4 mm Rain rate: mm/h
Dew point: 8.6°C Last update 2020-06-08 21:08:30

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Weather data of the weather station of Ortisei in Val Gardena with today's current values, lows and highs, historical weather values.

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Information about weather station

The weather station of Ortisei in Val Gardena was put into operation in 2012. The station provides weather data in 10 minute intervals, these are continuously stored in our database. In addition, the weather information of the weather station of Ortisei is loaded on "Weather Underground". The weather station is located at 1260 altitude meters in the center of Ortisei in Val Gardena, next to the parish church. The weather station is equipped with temperature, pressure, humidity sensors and anemometer. Certain data such as perceived temperature, etc. are calculated by our server. The integrated webcam provides pictures and livestream with a view of the parish church of Ortisei in Val Gardena, Alpe di Siusi, Bulla and Runcadic (Ladin fraction of Castelrotto) and Passo Pinei. In winter you can watch the snowy landscape and snow amount over the village, as well as the nearby mountains of Alpe di Siusi.

In the future, we will put additional weather stations into operation in the nearby villages of St. Christina and Selva.